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One step into Dental Care for Kids and you and your family will understand why we are the top pediatric dentists of Meridian, Idaho. Our talented dentists and friendly staff know how to make your child smile—in a fun, unintimidating atmosphere. Please use this website to learn more about pediatric dentistry and your child's dentists, Dr. Joel Whitt and Dr. Brock Coletti.

If you live in the Boise area (Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, and Eagle ), start your child on the path to a healthy smile today: call Dental Care for Kids at 208.888.7711.

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    Dental Emergencies

    Dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly and require prompt attention to address pain, prevent further damage, and maintain oral health. Dental emergencies for children are situations where immediate dental care is needed to address an urgent dental issue. Children may experience dental emergencies due to accidents, injuries, or sudden onset of severe dental pain. For the best dental care, visit Dental Care for Kids.   COMMON DENTAL EMERGENCIES FOR CHILDREN   KNOCKED-OUT TOOTH (AVULSED TOOTH)   If a permanent tooth is completely knocked out, it is considered a dental emergency. Prompt action can increase the chances of saving the tooth. Handle the tooth by the crown (avoid touching the root), rinse it gently with water if dirty, and try to reinsert it into the socket. If reinsertion is impossible, place the tooth in a container with milk or the child's saliva and seek immediate dental care.   BROKEN OR FRACTURED TOOTH   A broken or fractured tooth can cause pain and discomfort. Rinse the child's mouth with warm water, apply a cold compress or ice pack to reduce swelling, and seek dental care as soon as possible. The dentist will assess the extent of the fracture and determine the appropriate treatment.   TOOTHACHE   Persistent or severe toothache in children should not be ignored. Rinse the child's mouth with warm water and use dental floss to remove any trapped food particles. Avoid applying aspirin or pain relievers directly to the tooth or gums. Contact a pediatric dentist for an appointment to identify and treat the cause of the toothache.   SOFT TISSUE INJURIES   Injuries to the lips, tongue, cheeks, or gums can result in bleeding and pain. Clean the area gently with water, apply pressure with a clean cloth or gauze to control bleeding, and seek immediate medical attention if the bleeding is severe or does not stop.   THE BENEFITS OF VISITING AN EMERGENCY DENTIST   PAIN RELIEF   Dental emergencies often involve pain and discomfort. The child can receive appropriate treatment to alleviate pain and provide relief by seeking immediate dental care.   PRESERVATION OF NATURAL TEETH   Dental emergencies, such as knocked-out or broken teeth, can jeopardize the integrity of the child's natural teeth. Seeking prompt dental care increases the chances of saving the affected tooth or preventing further damage to neighboring teeth.   RESTORATION OF FUNCTION   Dental emergencies can affect the child's ability to chew, speak, and perform daily activities. Prompt dental treatment aims to restore the normal function of the teeth and mouth, allowing the child to resume their regular activities without discomfort or limitations.      In any dental emergency involving a child, it is crucial to visit Dental Care for Kids at 3235 N Towerbridge Way Suite #200, Meridian, ID 83646, or call (208) 888-7711 [tel:2088887711] to consult our pediatric dentist as soon as possible. They can provide appropriate advice, evaluate the situation, and effectively administer necessary treatment to address the dental emergency. 

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    A dental filling is a restorative procedure used to repair a tooth affected by decay, cracks, fractures, or wear. The decayed or affected portion of the tooth will be removed, and the tooth will be filled with a dental filling material. Children benefit from having their teeth filled early to prevent cavities from forming and address any discolored or decayed teeth. Your dentist will essentially “fill” your child’s tooth with a safe material to avoid further decay or discoloration. The filling will be shaped and polished to resemble the child’s natural tooth. It’s quick, easy, painless, and affordable!  THE PROCEDURE FOR DENTAL FILLINGS * Nitrous oxide is typically used to reduce anxiety and increase a child's ability to cooperate for treatment.  * The child may receive local anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth, ensuring a pain-free procedure.  * The dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth using a dental drill, leaving a clean and healthy tooth structure.  * The composite filling material is applied in layers and shaped to restore the natural contour of the tooth. A curing light hardens the material, ensuring it bonds securely to the tooth structure.  * The dentist will check and adjust the filling to ensure the child's bite is comfortable and the tooth functions properly. The filling is polished to smooth out any rough edges and provide a natural appearance.  THE BENEFITS OF DENTAL FILLINGS FOR CHILDREN  TREATMENT OF TOOTH DECAY  Dental fillings remove decayed portions of the tooth and restore the damaged area. By treating tooth decay with fillings, the progression of decay is halted, preventing further damage to the tooth structure.  PAIN RELIEF Tooth decay can cause tooth sensitivity and pain, especially when the cavity reaches the inner layers of the tooth where the nerves are located. Dental fillings eliminate the decayed part of the tooth, alleviating pain and discomfort.  PRESERVATION OF NATURAL TEETH Dental fillings help preserve the natural tooth structure by removing the decayed portion and filling the cavity. This avoids needing more extensive treatments like tooth extraction, which can result in gaps or misalignment.  PREVENTION OF FURTHER DECAY The risk of further decay in that area is reduced by removing the decayed portion of the tooth and sealing it with a filling. The filling is a barrier, protecting the remaining tooth structure from bacterial invasion.  Parents must encourage good oral hygiene habits in children, including regular brushing and flossing, a healthy diet, and routine dental check-ups. Early detection of cavities and timely placement of dental fillings can help prevent the progression of decay and maintain the child's oral health. For more information, visit Dental Care for Kids at 3235 N Towerbridge Way, Suite #200, Meridian, ID 83646, or call (208) 888-7711 [tel:2088887711]. 

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    Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in water, soil, plants, and animals. It’s also present in many foods, such as fish, eggs, and rice. While small amounts of fluoride occur naturally in everyone’s water supply, tons of it are used to prevent tooth decay on our teeth by strengthening them — making them more resistant to decay. Fluoride treatments are a common preventive measure in pediatric dentistry to promote optimal oral health in children. At Dental Care for Kids, the primary purpose of fluoride treatments is to strengthen the tooth enamel and make it more resistant to tooth decay. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that helps prevent cavities by remineralizing the weakened areas of the enamel and inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause decay. THE PROCEDURE FOR FLUORIDE TREATMENTS Before applying the fluoride, the dental professional will clean the child's teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste with a gritty fluoride-free paste. This step removes any plaque or debris from the tooth surfaces to ensure better fluoride absorption.  The dental professional will paint a thin layer of fluoride varnish onto the surfaces of the teeth using a brush or applicator. The varnish adheres to the teeth and slowly releases fluoride over time. It is safe to swallow, and the child can eat and drink immediately after the application.  THE BENEFITS OF FLUORIDE TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN PREVENTION OF TOOTH DECAY Fluoride is highly effective in preventing tooth decay, which is a common dental problem in children. It strengthens the tooth enamel and makes it more resistant to acid attacks from bacteria and sugary foods. Regular fluoride treatments can significantly reduce the risk of cavities and the need for extensive dental treatments in the future. REMINERALIZATION OF ENAMEL Fluoride has the ability to remineralize the weakened areas of the tooth enamel. When the enamel is demineralized by acids produced by bacteria, fluoride helps to repair and strengthen the enamel, making it more resistant to decay. This helps to prevent the progression of early cavities and can reverse early stages of tooth decay. PROTECTION FOR DEVELOPING TEETH Children's teeth, especially permanent teeth, are still developing and are more vulnerable to decay. Fluoride treatments provide an added layer of protection during this critical period of tooth development. They help ensure that the permanent teeth erupt into a healthy oral environment, reducing the risk of cavities and other dental issues. Fluoride treatments can significantly reduce the risk of cavities in children and promote the development of strong, healthy teeth. For more information visit Dental Care for Kids at 3235 N Towerbridge Way Suite #200, Meridian, ID 83646 or call (208) 888-7711 [tel:2088887711].

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    Pediatric Crowns

    A dental crown is needed when a child’s tooth becomes damaged, either from decay or injury and needs protection. A pediatric dentist at Dental Care for Kids will determine if a crown is necessary based on the child’s specific situation. Typically, a crown is used on baby teeth with a large cavity and must protect the remaining tooth structure. As the child gets older, their adult teeth will come in to replace the now-weakened baby teeth. However, if a baby tooth falls out before its time, it can lead to space loss and prevent a permanent tooth from coming in correctly.  THE BENEFITS OF PEDIATRIC CROWNS  Children are just as susceptible to tooth decay as adults, and pediatric dental crowns can be used to treat severe decay in children’s teeth. Since children are so prone to cavities, restorative dentistry often starts early in childhood to ensure that children have healthy smiles for life! Dental crowns are a versatile restoration that can strengthen weakened teeth and protect them from further damage.  Crowns are also beneficial because babies and children can maintain a normal diet and smile without embarrassment. If a baby's tooth is severely decayed, it may require a crown to prevent complications with the permanent tooth below. Dental crowns can also be placed over baby teeth that lose fillings to restore function and prevent further decay or damage.  THE PROCEDURE FOR PEDIATRIC CROWNS  * The child will receive local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth and surrounding tissues. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is also used by our pediatric dentists to create a calm and stress-free environment for children undergoing treatment. It helps alleviate anxiety and enhance a child's ability to cooperate during dental procedures. * The dentist will remove any decayed or damaged portions of the tooth, creating space for the crown.  * The appropriate size and shape of the pediatric crown will be selected and adjusted to fit the child's tooth. For stainless steel crowns, the dentist may need to contour and crimp the crown to ensure a secure fit.  * The crown will be cemented onto the tooth using a dental adhesive or cement. The dentist will ensure proper positioning and occlusion to ensure optimal function.  * Any excess cement will be removed, and the bite will be checked to ensure proper alignment.  Pediatric crowns are customized to fit the unique needs of children's teeth and can play a crucial role in preserving the dental health of young patients. For the best dental care, visit Dental Care for Kids at 3235 N Towerbridge Way, Suite #200, Meridian, ID 83646, or call (208) 888-7711 [tel:2088887711]. 

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    Pediatric Dentistry

    As children grow, their teeth and jaws also grow and develop. Pediatric dentists specialize in treating young patients and ensure that everything is developing as it should. During their visits, pediatric dentists perform routine cleanings and take X-rays as necessary to monitor growth and development. They can also provide preventative advice to help patients avoid tooth decay and other common dental issues. In addition to regular dental care at Dental Care for Kids, our pediatric dentists can also help treat a variety of issues that many young patients have, including thumb sucking, pacifier use, poor oral hygiene habits, teething pain, dental trauma, and more. Having a dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry can benefit young patients and help them maintain good oral health as they grow into adulthood. WHAT ARE THE MOST COMMON TREATMENTS FOR CHILDREN? Most children are cavity free when they leave the dentist, so there is no need for fillings or other restorative treatments. Instead, many pediatric dentists focus on preventive dental care to promote good oral hygiene habits that last a lifetime. This includes cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants. Children are also taught about proper brushing and flossing techniques to prevent cavities from forming in the first place. During the appointment, the pediatric dentist will also check your child’s teeth for signs of decay to identify any problems early on so they can be treated. This will help avoid additional future procedures, such as root canal therapy or crowns. Other common treatments that are performed on children include tooth extractions and mouthguards. Extractions are sometimes necessary if a tooth is severely decayed and cannot be saved with fillings or crowns. Mouthguards protect the teeth and jaw during sports and other activities where the face may be hit. These custom-fit appliances help protect the teeth and prevent them from becoming damaged.  THE BENEFITS OF PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE Pediatric dentists have specialized training and experience in treating the unique dental needs of children. Dr. Whitt and Dr. Coletti spent two extra years after dental school to better understand the complexities of dental development in children, including the eruption of primary (baby) teeth and the transition to permanent teeth. Their expertise allows them to provide appropriate and effective dental care for young patients. PREVENTION AND EARLY INTERVENTION Pediatric dentists focus on preventive care to maintain optimal oral health in children. They educate parents and children on proper oral hygiene practices, including brushing, flossing, and dieting. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help identify potential dental issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and preventing more severe problems. EDUCATION AND GUIDANCE Pediatric dentists educate parents and caregivers on proper oral hygiene practices, nutrition, and habits that affect a child's oral health. They provide guidance on topics such as teething, thumb sucking, pacifier use, and the importance of a balanced diet for oral health. This empowers parents to make informed decisions and establish healthy oral care habits for their children. The primary goal of pediatric dentistry is to promote good oral health habits and prevent dental problems in children. For the best dental care, visit Dental Care for Kids at 3235 N Towerbridge Way, Suite #200, Meridian, ID 83646, or call (208) 888-7711 [tel:2088887711].

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    At Dental Care for Kids, dental sealants are protective coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to prevent cavities from forming. The grooves of the molars are difficult to clean, so many patients experience cavity formation over time despite regular brushing and flossing. When placed, the sealant acts as a barrier against food particles and plaque buildup, reducing the number of bacteria on the teeth and the risk of cavities. They are typically applied during a child’s early permanent molars erupt around age six, but adults can also benefit from using dental sealants.  THE PROCESS OF APPLYING DENTAL SEALANTS The dental hygienist or dentist thoroughly cleans the teeth that will receive sealants. This cleaning ensures the tooth surfaces are free from plaque, food particles, or debris. Once the teeth are clean and dry, the dentist may apply an etching gel or liquid to the chewing surfaces of the teeth. This etching solution creates a slightly rough surface on the enamel, which helps the sealant material adhere better to the tooth. The dentist will apply the liquid sealant material onto the chewing surfaces of the teeth. They may use a brush or a small applicator to spread the sealant evenly across the grooves and pits. The sealant is typically a tooth-colored or clear resin material that bonds to the tooth enamel. After applying the sealant material, the dentist will use a special curing light to harden and set the sealant. The light activates the sealant material, causing it to bond securely to the tooth surface. Once the sealant is cured, the dentist will check its placement and make any necessary adjustments. They will ensure that the sealant covers all the vulnerable areas of the tooth and is properly sealed. ARE SEALANTS SAFE? Yes, sealants are generally considered safe and nontoxic to teeth. Dental sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth and are a great way to prevent cavities on kids’ molars. This safe, inexpensive, and effective procedure only takes a few minutes. Sealants are made of plastic that coats the tooth to protect it from plaque and bacteria. This coating prevents food particles and sugars from being trapped on the tooth’s surface and causing decay. The plastic resin material comes in colors that make the sealants nearly invisible when your child smiles.  The primary purpose of sealants is to protect the teeth from cavities. Visit Dental Care for Kids at 3235 N Towerbridge Way Suite #200, Meridian, ID 83646, or call (208) 888-7711 [tel:2088887711] to determine if sealants suit your child's teeth and to discuss the best timing for their application.


"Dental Care for kids has always taken care of my four children. They always provide excellent service. They truly care for my kids. They are always welcoming. The doctors have gone out of their way to help one child after she chipped her two front teeth."


"My kids and now grandson have all been patients of Dr Whitt’s. My grandson has some sensory issues and the staff is so excellent at explaining what they are doing and distracting him that the appointment goes quickly and smoothly. I’m very grateful for the compassion and skill and the general joyful climate of the office."



"Amazing staff, explained every step of any process my children have to go through!"

"I’ve been to multiple offices throughout the treasure valley, and just want to say this is the most professional and well run office I’ve been too. The front office, back office and doctors were all wonderful. If you’re searching for an office for your littles don’t hesitate."

"The staff are very kind and attentive ! They respected my concerns and were accommodating to our needs! Thank you for the great experience, see you in 6 months 😁"

"As a child I had several bad experiences at the dentist which made me a nervous patient as an adult. I didn’t want that for my daughter. The best thing I did for my girl is take her to see Dr. Joel and his team. She looks forward to her visits and leaves with all smiles. I can’t recommend this team enough!"

"The hygienists are all very kind and helpful. The place is geared for kids and all the staff are as well."

"Always a pleasant experience and my child actually looks forward to his dentist appointments:)"

"They are the best! They take all the insurances so no worries there. They even have an on-site orthodontist in case a tooth needs pulled so hard to find the combo! I’ve been looking for months and they were right in my backyard! Great location!"

"Great place staff where very friendly our dental assistant was wonderful with my granddaughter she has special needs the dentist was very gentle and talk to her about everything he was doing and showed the tools he would be using. I trust Dental care for kids completely will not go to anyone else. Best dam children Dentist around!!!"

"Everyone here is so helpful and accommodating of sensory sensitivities. They take it nice and slow for my kiddo visit to visit. Appreciate them!"


"Dr. Whitt and his staff were extraordinary! We came from a great dentist, and this transition sure felt like home! I got three kids in and out of there in under an hour! I couldn’t recommend Dr. Whitt any more! He has wonderful chair-side manner and a super easy way about him!"

"This is my granddaughter’s third visit. The staff is always friendly and attentive to the children in their care. From the nurse , Dr. and anesthesiologist all visit before and after the procedure any questions also a 24 hour after care line to call. I would give them TEN stars THANK YOU for all your care. A sincere pleasure to deal with especially when their small patient’s are concerned. Sincerely, Dawn Geddes Update no cavities excellent advice brush those gums roof of the mouth and tongue not just teeth because… bacteria can be anywhere in the mouth at the age of four giving the dentist a high five says it all and the technician was the most awesome and sincerely tender loving care for our granddaughter I can only give you ten stars❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Update no cavities they did a whole dental scan she has all her permanent teeth and everything looks great👍 Professional all the way . I can’t Thank you enough, sincerely a pleasure. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

"Dental Care For Kids is awesome. The whole staff is great. Dr. Colletti is so friendly and kind and always happy to see my kiddos. I'd highly recommend Dental Care For Kids!"

"Communication was good very polite people thanks for helping my daughter"


"Love love LOVE them! My daughter is so excited to go to the dentist! They are nice and patient. My daughter asks to go everyday. Wonderful staff."

"We are new to the area and coming to this place it was a very place and our son enjoyed his first visit there he can’t wait to go back"

"Update: Always a pleasure! I was saying I wish us adults would have such fun dentists ;) Thanks for being awesome! We love dental care for kids! My kids are actually excited about going to the dentist. Always a Good visit, even when we have cavities. The kids and I love the staff. I don’t wonder why they won the best dentist awards! They are the best:)"

"I cannot rave enough about them! I love them my littles love them! The service is outstanding everyone is inviting and easy going. Ten out of ten recommend!"


"Dr. Coletti and Ashley are amazing!"

"We really Enjoy going to the dentist at Dental care for Kids, all of the staff make you feel comfortable & confident! Thank you!"

"If you are looking for a new dentist for your kiddos your search is over with this one. I would recommend them to anyone. For how well we were treated- me and the kids, their fun environment, their understanding staff, and how fun they aim the experience to be for the kids. We just went for the first time. I have four little ones, ages 8-3 and I had to have all of them with me. I was really worried about this, but everybody was so understanding. The dental assistant was so good. My son was really unsure about some of the tools she started to use, so she let him hold them and demonstrated what she was going to do. He still was unsure so she opted to not use them at all with him. I really like how she also spoke directly to my son, but also included me. Everybody was so patient with my brood. Even when my three year old went off looking for me by herself. She was patiently brought back by the same dental assistant that helped my son. It was such a wonderful experience for all of us, even though I have dental anxiety myself. My concerns for my children were quickly calmed."

"They were so kind and helpful. I loved how quickly they were able to get all 4 kids in and out while still being thorough and answering my questions."

"Absolutely love this pediatric dentist office. They have a great play area for the kids to wait in, staff is incredibly friendly and nice. Dr Broc is the best with the kids and a hype guy for my boy."

"I’ve been bringing my kids here for several years. Dentist and hygienists are very patient with my autistic son."

"Great dental place for the kids. The dental assistant was very professional knowledgeable and great at putting my child's worry to rest. Best dental place I have found for my child. 5 star recommend."


"We love the Dental Staff! They created such a comforting and fun environment. My 15 said that she doesn’t want to become an adult because she wants to go to this dentist office forever! I highly recommend this office!"

"This place is Amazing!!! Staff is excellent with Children, we have been coming here for the last few years!! Thank you!!"

"What a great place to bring your child this place is so good they are extremely comforting to your child and as a parent that helps so much thanks for the rockstar Sevice 😁"

"The. Best. Dentist. We’ve been going to this dentist for close to five years now. My older kiddo had serious anxiety about the dentist but the whole staff has been able to put him at ease and he is no longer is as anxious and my little guy just loves going there."

"Wonderful! First time taking both of our kids to this practice and we cannot say enough about the experience. Staff is friendly and efficient, the cost is so reasonable."

"We love coming here. Today was rough and we didn't get to do the appointment but that was due to an unruly toddler. Staff is always amazing, compassionate, and helpful."

"This is best place to take your children in treasure valley! They are all so nice and helpful. My kids absolutely love coming here! Keep up the amazing work! 😊"

"I love Dental Care for Kids i take all my kiddos there and they Love it. Even my 1 year old is always excited to be there. Its a great environment with great people"

"As always they were gentle and kind"

"Amazing office!!"

"I love the team at Dental Care for Kids! They are always so good with my son."

"Great kids dentist, and the do a great job accommodating bringing in multiple kids at the same time"

"This is the only place I’ll take my kids. It’s a drive for me but worth it. Everyone there is so kind and I never have to worry about going through trauma at the Dentist’s office like I did as a kid. I love that the parents are always welcome back with the kids. I have a little one and two grown children and have taken all three of them here. Highly recommend!"

"My daughter has been seen here for a few years and they are the best. They are great with her and she isn’t scared or anything of them. I love them!"

"Thank you, my daughter was calm through the whole process… and everything was done very quickly… it’s very nice that u guys kept asking if she’s doing ok and kept her posted how much more is left to do…"

"We love Dental Care for Kids! All the staff is so kind and caring. Although my kids were a little nervous about being at the dentist the hygienist was so patient with them! I would definitely recommend them!!"

"love this office and staff! super nice and welcoming! ♥️"

"They are the best! So friendly, knowledgeable, and great with my kids. Highly recommend taking your kids here!"

"We have been clients of DCFK for probably 8-9 years and we absolutely love the staff and doctors there! They know our kids personally, they are professional and fun and make every dentist experience easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend anyone with small kids or even teenagers to visit this office."

"Absolutely love the care my children receive from Dental care for kids. The staff are amazing and we've never had a bad experience."

"Love this place they are so great with our kids"

"My son fears dental work and tools they all are so positive and understanding to help him get through it. They assistant yesterday even got him to sit through a cleaning. We all Love the office staff and Doctors."

"The staff is always friendly when we are there and makes sure my daughter is comfortable during her visits. I 10/10 recommend this place to others ❤️"

"It was our first time here today and it went great! They were amazing with my three-year-old daughter and I'm so glad we came here. My daughter had so much fun, especially in the huge playroom, and it was sure she was so much more comfortable here than at our old dentist. And their willingness to work with us financially is so incredibly helpful. I'm so glad we came here."

"Always so professional and helpful. Great experience for my kids every time!"

"Been going here since I was 5 I’m now in my 20s with two littles who go here. Wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else."

"The hygienists & dentists are very caring & kid oriented. We love going there!"


"We have used Dental Care For Kids since my son was a toddler. He's now 13 and we have a baby. Never once have I had a negative experience or thought about this clinic. Decorated rooms are awesome, doctors and all staff are great with kids. Super cool place for kids of all ages and with special needs!"

"Best place around! Always care so much for all my kids! The staff is amazing!"

"Amazing and patient with kids even when scared of the dentist"

"The team here is amazing! I called this morning because I noticed last night that my kid had an issue with his tooth. Due to a cancellation, they were able to fit me in this morning! They ended up having to pull it out. During the procedure they were super caring and tried to comfort my kid as much as possible! I felt very respected and could tell that they genuinely cared for my kid. Thanks again to the amazing team here! We will definitely continue to use them as our kids grow up!"

"I have been bringing my kids here for years and I love the staff. They are always so nice, happy and smiling. Always engaging with the kids and the dentist is very attentive. Highly recommend."

"I adore this office! Ever sense we came here we never left! Highly recommend for families."

"Love the care we get from the staff and Dr. Thank you!"

"We have 4 kids under the age of 10. Some of them are EXTREMELY shy, but they have had such a great experience with the staff here. Every dentist and hygienist here is phenomenal. We've taken our kids here for several years now, and plan on many years to come!"

"Always such a welcoming experience with all 3 of my kids! I love that I’m able to be with all of them at once in one room, no problem. They’re all so kind and gentle with my kids too! 10/10 recommend 😊"

"I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Whitt and his staff! They are so gentle and patient with our kiddo. She is very anxious for each visit, and leaves smiling and laughing each time. The hygienist takes the time to show her everything and ask her consent for all procedures, making sure she is comfortable with everything happening, even for simple cleanings."

"Always gives the kids an easy and quick check cleaning! I love that there is a nice space for the kids to play in the waiting area!"


"Highly recommend! This was my son’s first appointment at a dental office and he loved it. It was easy to see why with their fun lobby area and play room. The best part was how wonderful Dental Assistant Becki was! She was so gentle and sweet with my son. She let him touch something to show him it was soft before putting the tool in his mouth and even described the little x ray film as little crackers and was able to take perfect x rays very quickly without any mom intervention. Dr Brock was equally as friendly and gentle. They both explained what they were doing before doing it in a way a 3 year old would understand. I loved the whole experience and so did my boy! That’s so important to me. Thank you for being wonderful! See you again in 6 months!"

"Decided to get another opinion for my son and was more than satisfied with this clinic! We walked in knowing that our son would need to possibly be put under anesthesia for his procedure and sure enough they confirmed that. They made him and us feel so comfortable and at peace with the decision to love forward with it. The staff is truly amazing with children…one of the assitants said she had worked with pediatrics for 20 years and that the assitants had all been there 7+ years which assured me that they truly love working with children and are passionate in what they do! The entire experience was one we will never forget! They got us in same day and had my son’s appt for his procedure scheduled within 3 weeks. Not once did we feel like we were a transaction..which I have felt so much lately at other clinics! Im so grateful i found them!"

"Amazing!! The dentist and staff was great and the place is a child's dream! My 22 months daughter got home so excited to tell her dad about everything there. You guys do a great job ❤️ Thank you very much!"

"My son has really bad anxiety when it comes to dental appointments. Dr. Whitt and his team are so patient with us and very encouraging that someday it won't be such a dramatic thing for my son. They tone down every visit based on what my son is able to deal with that day. They don't push anymore than they need to. (Literally just getting my son to open his mouth is a struggle...) I really appreciate how patient and understanding Dr. Whitt and the crew are!"

"Great Dentist! Clean and friendly. Feel confident in trusting them with the care of my daughter."

"Our kiddo had a new tooth not coming in quite right as the baby tooth hadn't come out yet. The office got us in quickly for an appointment. The education they gave us and our child was thorough & easy to understand and removed any anxieties/concerns. They did an extraction in no time and with no discomfort at all. So grateful for the quick service and amazingly kind staff!"

"I have been taking my daughter here for years, ALL the staff have made my daughter's visits very comfortable and stress free from day 1. I recommend them to anyone that needs a good dentist for thier family, I will not go anywhere where else."

"Dr Whitt and staff are always so kind and gentle and take time to explain what they are doing to help my kids (ages 6 and 2.5) feel safe and confident in the chair. A great practice!"

"We love the friendly, caring staff. The atmosphere there makes a dentist visit tolerable for anxious kids."

"Very kind friendly, professional, and cheerful group of people working here, recommended. Been going here for a number of years with all my kids"

"The assistants, hygienist, and dentist have been treating my kids AMAZING for the past 1.5 years. I was in the dental field for 10 years and have seen alot with terrible chairside manner with children. This office makes my 3 and 5 year old WANT to come in and get their teeth cleaned. They make is so fun for them and gear everything toward making it a positive experience. They are so intentional and their efforts do not go unnoticed! Thank you so much Dental Care for Kids!"

"My daughter just graduated from dental care for kids. She has been with them all her life until now from a very young age and they have done an amazing job taking care of her and my other 2 kids! The best of the best staff and dr. Whitt is amazing! Highly recommend and I would never take my kids anywhere else! Thank you Dr. Whitt!"



"My son told me to do a 5 star review because they give him good flavors and let him watch a movie and give him a token. You heard the boy!"

"I love love love this office! Everyone is so friendly and dr. C is the best! My two year old loves going to the dentist because of this office!!"

"The staff is very friendly and the Dr's do amazing work!! Highly recommend."

"Such a great place for kids!! Super friendly staff and always on time and quick!"

"Always friendly, nice people, answer all the questions we needed"

"We had a wonderful first dental visit for my three year old. Dr. Whitt and his assistant Jen were great! Very kind, patient, and quick. We did a lot of preparing and I will say that Blippi episode of visiting the Childrens dentist was so helpful. Great experience."

"We took our 2 year old here for his very first dental visit and had a great experience. The staff was so friendly and the room our son was in was decked out in Star Wars decor. He loved the sunglasses and headphones and the coin he got afterwards to use to pick out a prize. He thought it was so fun. Very kid and toddler friendly."

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"They are friendly, and very informative. Work well with all kids. Make scheduling and payment breakdown simple."

"Great staff I love the way they took care of my son"

"Best professional Doctor and staff ever!!! very caring non-judgmental people awesome "health-care" providers recommend highly!! Thank you Dr.Whitt and Crew"

"Best place in the treasure valley I've been to four different places in the treasure Valley before me and my wife went here and they are the best I have A 10-year-old a 7 year old and a 6 year-old and they love this place"

"My kids love coming here! The dentists are caring, friendly, skilled, and truly listen to parents concerns. They are so good at numbing that my daughter had no idea that she was getting a shot in her mouth. Amazing!"

"My son loves the waiting room with all of the fun toys, pirate ship and the fish tanks in the rooms. He did pretty well for a 2 1/2 year old that doesn’t like anyone brushing his teeth. The dr and assistant were so gentle with him."

"I love how friendly and nice the entire staff is. I was scared of dentists because of my experiences as a child and I am so thankful that my kids won’t be due to how well they treat my children, and talk them through everything before it happens so they are not scared."

"My daughter loves going to this dental office. All of the staff is so nice and gentle with her. The dentist is really kind and patient. Everyone tries to make every experience a happy one."

"My kids have been coming here for years and the staff are always so kind. They’re professional but laid back at the same time. Honestly, if they allowed adults to come here I would definitely be first in line!"

"I absolutely love this place. It's way out of my way but I will always bring my kids here. The staff is so good with my kids. They know how to make them feel comfortable. They tell them everything their doing as their doing it and talk to me to them in a way they will understand"

"Dental care for kids is an amazing place to take your kids to for dental care, they are amazing with my daughter Amy . Thank you dental care for kids"

"This is my 1st ever review, and this place definitely deserves it! The office is phenomenal and set up for kids!!! They have taken such great care of my kiddos!!!"

"how understanding staff were about my granddaughter having Autism she is a hand full they walked her through each step it was great."


"There are great my daughter loves going to dentist here. Very friendly"

"Very friendly staff. They all truly take the time to listen for any concerns with your child. Both dentist are experts with kids. My kids love them both. It is a warm friendly atmosphere. I am super glad and blessed to have switched to this dentist."

"We had such a positive first dentist appointment with my almost 2 year old. The whole office is perfectly set up for kids to have a positive experience, and the staff was so good with my little one."

"My kids have been going here since there teeth came in 7 years ago and we love them.we had an emergency dental visit last week and they were so amazing with my daughter. They made it a calm and caring environment which she didn't get at the ER so definitely happy with our experience."

"This place is amazing! They were great with my daughter + made her feel comfortable. So glad we we came here! Highly recommend 👍🏻"

"Fast. Friendly. My kids love the atmosphere! They are always excited to go to their dentist appointments."

"This was our first dental appointment for our three year old and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience! From the large playroom waiting room to the movies on the ceilings to the phenomenal care of the hygienist and doctor, we were very impressed. They worked with my daughter so well and explained everything and let her help so she was very at ease. I would definitely recommend this dental office for kids!"

"Today my son had a tooth bothering him, they got me in within 2 hours and removed his tooth quickly. They didn't want him to have to wait and be in pain over Thanksgiving. I really appreciate all they did today. The dentist and staff were great! I couldn't say thank you enough."


"Love coming here, the dental assistants and all the dentists are so nice. Always quick too which I appreciate!!"

"My son had an accident at school that required some emergency dental work done and the staff at Dental Care For Kids went above and beyond to care for him and make him comfortable. They worked on him right away and was able to fix him up."

"My three boys are checked in and out in under 30 minutes. Everything is so efficient and I really appreciate you going over brushing habits with them. They seem to listen when the dentist's office reminds them!"

"Did a great job with my 6yo! He was so nervous but they were fully prepared and answered not only my questions but my child’s too! Really helped to make him feel comfortable. 10/10 Would Recommend."

"Suoer fast, all the staff are great with kids, tvs on the ceiling- best dental office ever!"

"My son had an emergency abcessed tooth that needed to be pulled and a spacer put in. The quality of care is top notch. Dr Coletti and the assistants working with my son made sure to make him very comfortable with the treatment he needed and were so very kind. And I was grateful they were able to do everything in one office visit. Office is clean and fun for the kids. Had little trouble scheduling at first but may be in part due to asking for an emergency appt as a new patient. The front desk promptly called me back same morning when they had a cancellation to get us in. I appreciated that. Services are very expensive for self pay but that’s to be expected with a pediatric dentist. Overall worth it for the wonderful care we received. Was very happy with our first visit."

"Best Dental office to take kids. They are so friendly and make you feel right at home. They are easy to work with on scheduling and always do a great job for my kiddos."

"We’ve been coming here for years! My kids look forward coming to their appointments, that in itself says a lot about how awesome this place is! Everyone is so nice and helpful and fun!"

"I am a parent and I wish my own dentist was like the one we have for our son at Dental Care for Kids. Very easy going, friendly, humorous, and provide excellent service."

"I love going here they are always friendly and work with my kids!!!!"

"Dental Care For Kids is amazing! We took three kids in all at once, one of which is a very nervous and headstrong two-year-old, and I was amazed how smoothly it went. We were done in less than an hour, the office is SO cute, and the staff there are miracle workers. They give amazing care and individualized attention and somehow make going to the dentist something for kids to look forward to! Even the anxious child can feel at ease there. Never thought we’d say we’re excited for our next dentist visit, but we are!"

"There are no words to describe the team at Dental Care for Kids! The patience each of them have to work through anxiety and a million questions from my son truly amazes me! Becky hit it out of the park today!"

"Everyone here is always so considerate of your time. Never a long wait time when you arrive, hygienists get right to work, dentist is ready & waiting. My boys love all the different themed rooms. X-rays are always a breeze, which says a lot because my boys used to hate getting them at other offices. All the staff are friendly to the boys & do a great job explaining how to take care of their teeth, showing them the x-rays etc."

"great place, my daughter loves going to the dentist!! Everyone is friendly, she loves the treats!"

"Dental Care for Kids is professional from the first call. The office staff took all the necessary information and scheduled a quick appointment for our new patient appointment. The moment we walked in the office was clean, the staff was welcoming. My 3 year old was overwhelmed with joy to see a playroom. The playroom is kept extremely clean and is pirate themed. We just fell in love with Kim the dental assistant. She was calm, and loving toward my 3 year old son who is stubborn and and strong willed. She made us feel at home due to struggling with a big move and a new environment. I could not say enough about Dr. Coletti, this is definitely his joy, and passion. He was so wonderful towards my son. My son was nervous being in a new dental office. Dr. C has a great catchy song (which my son is still singing) and it was so helpful to calm him down. Dr. C's background is extensive, and impressive and makes me feel lucky to call him my child's dentist."

"My kids look forward to going here. They're so comfortable here and the staff is so good with them. They're never nervous about any treatments they may need... Thank you all!"


"Always so kind and patient with all my children"


"12/10 experience! My teeth are sparkly clean"

"Staff is patient & speak respectably to children. My child is 11 & very nervous about dental work but their kindness helps. They run on time & office staff is efficient as well. Highly recommend!"

"Update- the first time I took my my daughter to Dental Care for Kids was 2.5 years ago. I have since had another baby and bring him here too. The staff and Dr Coletti are so great. They are willing to work with me and my preferences and are wonderful to my kids. I would and have recommended them to anyone seeking a pediatric dentist! Becky and Dr Brock were so patient with my crazy toddler! They answered all questions I had and were just overall, great! Grateful to have them as my toddlers dentist!"

"I was Dr. Whitt’s patient from ages 5-17 and was very sad to leave once I turned 18. My siblings also came here. Dr. Whitt was always so kind and caring, and, fun fact, I have the same exact name as his wife did before they got married! It’s been 5 years since I last came here and I still miss it. Highly recommend this office if you’re looking for a dental office for your kids!"


"We absolutely love Dental Care for kids! The whole staff is so nice and welcoming and they take amazing care of all 6 of our kids."

"This office is one of the best pediatric dental offices I’ve ever been to. And I’ve been to at least four in this valley. Amber the hygienist was fantastic! She worked with my very difficult and sensitive son and he hardly even made a noise. I’ve never met a staff that I’ve been so willing to bend over backwards to help my child feel comfortable and yet be successful at fixing the problem. He had a filling done & tooth pulled with hardly a peep. They put a weighted blanket on him to make him comfortable & keep his hands down. Why don’t other dentists do this? They were so kind & didn’t make me feel like my kid was weird or I was an overprotective mother."

"Dr. Joel Whitt is an amazing dentist!!! He is the best. He is kind and patient with kids. I have been to a lot of the other pediatric dentists and he is by far the best. He is great and his assistants are just as awesome. I highly recommend him. My kids had to have a lot of work done, they were really scared and not wanting to get started but the assistants calmed her down and made it a great experience. Going to the dentist is miserable but Dr .Whitt makes it a great experience."

"Amazing experience!! Friendly and professional staff. Office was very clean and totally geared towards kids. Not sure if I loved the play area more for my children or how quick our dental appointment was. Both were awesome perks for this busy mama. Dr. Whitt was fabulous! Friendly, answered all questions, quick overview of exam and just generally awesome."

"We love this office so much. We have always had an amazing experience. The dentist is so amazing. He’s SO GOOD with my son. All the hygienist we’ve had are so amazing as well. I’d recommend them to everyone!! I don’t know if they remember us every time we’re there but they sure make us feel like they do :)"

"Nice, professional, highly recommended this office. Dentist and staff are all fantastic!"

"Very competent staff and so amazing with kids. I have a dental background and was impressed with our entire experience! I’ll be bringing all my kids here."


"Wonderful staff and amazing experience for my 8 year old. They always explain things to her and are super friendly!! She loves them there!"

"My kids happy to go visit that dentist office Thank you for be so kind and patients whit them!!!!"

"We love Dental Care for Kids! The environment is fun and upbeat, everyone is kind and complimentary. Lots of gentle words and patience from the whole staff and everything is geared toward kids is the most positive and thoughtful way. Both Docs have been fantastic with my kids in both their better and worse moments and it’s so appreciated. I’d recommend them to anyone and am so happy to have a dental experience we love."

"I’ve been taking my kids here for around 11 years. Started with my son and now my 2 other girls are going. I love the staff and over all experience!! They take the best care of my kids!! Still won’t go anywhere else!!!"


"Absolutely love this place. My kids are excited to go to the dentist. It's amazing. They have a sign there that says something along the lines of, it's the dentist you wish you had when you were a kid- and it's 100% accurate. Even if they didnt have the playroom with boat, TVs in the ceiling, fishtank or treasure... the staff is amazing. Highly knowledgeable and so sweet to my daughter and making jokes with my son. Even my two year asked if we could stay and play. Cannot recommend enough."

"Everyone is so understanding and good with our kids!! Would recommend this place to everyone!"

"I came to this kids dental practice as a translator for 6 kids that spoke no English. I can not say one negative thing about the staff. Every single person in the office is super sweet, kind and caring. Thank you for the kindness and hard work!! Truly blessed to find a place that is open and honest. Highly recommend, you will not regret your decision, the children are definitely the priority here!"

"I called in the morning and was able to be seen the same day! Everyone that I talk to was super friendly. The doctor was very knowledgeable and obviously good with children. The office was fun and inviting and very clean. We definitely will be returning!"

"I've been bringing my kids to this office for 10+ they have always been friendly & professional. Glad they have this dental home."

"We love the whole staff so kind and always caring"

"I'm so glad I found this dentist office! It was a great decision! Its clean, the staff is friendly, and my kids have been enjoying going to the dentist!"

"My son use to dread going to the dentist, we switched over to dental care for kids and now he’s ASKING to go to the dentist! The staff is kind, caring, PATIENT, and comforting. They keep a clean environment and are very good about rescheduling if kiddos are sick. I am so happy I was recommended here by our last dentist!! We initially were going to do surgery since my son was so scared of dentists and felt we didn’t have many options. We asked them to try and do his cavity filling without surgery and didn’t feel any pressure from the staff one way or the other. The first appointment he didn’t want to come in at all so we were thinking we’d have no choice but to do surgery, but by the end of the appointment he didn’t want to leave! 😂 All appointments since have been nothing short of amazing. I have nothing but great things to say."

"They are thorough and attentive to my children. I appreciate the care and gentleness the staff show during each visit."

"I would like to say Dental Care for Kids is amazing. I’ve been taking my son there for 9 years. The staff is outstanding and the best."



"My kids look forward to coming to the dentist every 6 months. They put the kids at ease and the dentist is awesome! The whole office is such a fun theme for kids."


"My 7 year old was very nervous about getting x-rays done and the dental assistant was so patient and reassuring with him that he was able to relax and complete the x-rays"


"Love this dentist office! My kid’s especially love going to the dentist. They are able to schedule them all at the same time which makes my life easier. 🙏 The staff and dental hygienist are AMAZING 🤩"



"We absolutely love Dental Care For kids! It is one of the very few places that I like and greatly appreciate the entire staff! They all work so incredibly well as a team, and do everything in their power to make it a great experience for kids. The only thing I dislike, is that I personally am too old to be one of their patients."

"love this spot... and my kids do too"

"I love how they work with my kids and always so sweet when my oldest has a break down they are amazing!!!!"

"We are so happy we found Dental Care For Kids for OUR kids. All the staff are amazing and take the fear away from the kids. The doctor is great with kids and does things quick and painless."


"I am not one for change as it’s hard but today shed light on change is good with new dentist working on my angel and she actually enjoyed going for a filling. Very please with this office and how they work with children is amazing. Thank you for restoring my faith in good customer service in the professional field."

"Dental Care For Kids is the best pediatric dentist office in the Valley. My son had one of his front permanent teeth broken off by baseball and the other loose when I called 10 minutes before they were supposed to be closing. They had me come right up and took care of it. But not only did they help his dental emergency, they were so kind and compassionate to a stressed mom, a worried older brother, and a scared eight year old boy. Every experience we’ve had with them over the years has always been positive. Their entire staff are kind, and the best in the dental field. Thank you so much for your excellent service! I would highly recommend this dentist office to any parent to trust with their children."

"We have been coming here with our kids for years. Everyone is so nice and caring. It’s great having all four of our kids checkups at the same time!!"

"Such a wonderful experience! I was nervous taking mg three year old twins in there by myself but the staff was phenomenal. They didn’t rush the twins and adapted to their comfort levels. The twins have been talking about it since we left and are excited about their “sparkly” teeth!"

"My kids love this dentist so much they ask me when they get to go next! The staff is amazing! Professional, clean, kind, understanding and explains things well to myself and my kids. My kids always walk away happy they came and encouraged to have good dental health. I cannot say enough great things about this dental office!!"

"We always have a great experience the staff is amazing 🤩 and our dentist dr coletti is amazing 🤩"


"Extremely professional folks. Dr Joel Whitt is a rockstar, he has been amazing Dentist for both of our kids. Best Dentist in Idaho."

"Caring and friendly staff with smiles all around."

"My daughter gets extremely anxious when it comes to going to the dentist. The whole team was amazing and worked with her even while she was freaking out. The staff has amazing bed side manner with the kids. The office is fun for the kids and extremely clean. Hands down the best pediatric dentist office I have ever been to."

"*Very* clean office and waiting area. The kids loved everything about their visit! They enjoyed their prizes at the end as well :) bonus: they offer tea and coffee and water for parents while waiting! The hygienists and dentist were all friendly and you could tell they were passionate about their work, which is greatly appreciated. It makes me really happy to have found Dental Care for Kids for both of my children (3 & 1)! Thank you all."

"I'm impressed with the kindness, the knowledge, and professionalism of the staff. My 10yr old loved it there. They made her feel comfortable and minimal pain with her K9 extractions. This kid has 2 teeth pulled and still has a good time. We are glad we found such a great place."

"This is the most amazing dentistry I have ever been too! My child is my whole world and knowing that he is in the care of patient, kind, loving dental assistants is a great feeling. I love the dental assistants and his dentist. They explain everything they are doing and before they do it. They show him what the tools are before they use it and asks if he needs breaks. I'm glad I found Dental Care for Kids!"

"Very friendly staff! They were very patient and gentle with my son on his first visit. They don't push anything if the child isn't willing which is a relief with a toddler. Dr. Whitt was very friendly and thorough!"

"Friendly staff, allows my son to just be a kid, love the fact that they frequently sanitize everything including toys and pens so that kids can still play instead of taking everything away like I've seen in several other businesses."

"Treated kindly with full smile and explanation. Made me feel comfortable and gave trust to me."

"I love taking my kids to Dr. Whitt! His staff is always so friendly and kind and make my kids feel at ease. They are super quick, which helps my kids be able to handle sitting in the chair! Their office is decorated so fun and my kids can’t wait to see which “themed” room they get to be in."


"Shout out to Dr. Colletti and assistant Vanessa for make treatment happen for a wiggling 4yr old. You guys are amazing!!"

"Dr. Colette and his staff here are beyond amazing. My daughter who was terrified, now loves the dentist. Thank you for being a great team and showing such compassion towards your patients!"

"We love Dr. Whitt and his staff!! We have been going there for 12 years now. We’ve had nothing but great experience’s. My kids actually like going to the dentist! The staff are all very friendly and kind. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great dentist with a friendly atmosphere!!"

"My son is nonverbal autistic and they did amazing with him! The waiting in between hygenist and dentist was a little long but it all went well"

"Everyone was so wonderful especially with my 2 year old who has a hard time sitting still, like any toddler. They made both my kids feel comfortable and taken care of. I wouldn't want my kids going anywhere else!"

"They are so fast and friendly. We've been there a couple times and it has such a cute kid play area and a whole office theme. I highly recommend them."

"Can’t say enough good things about this office. From check in to nursing to provider to check out… they are all amazing and so patient! My kiddo has autism and they are just incredible with him!! Thank you so much for making these not so fun visits, an actual good experience!"

"Today I had my first experience taking my 4 year old in for a tooth emergency and they were very helpful and made my son feel very comfortable since it was his first time at the dentist. I’m so happy I found them!"

"They are amazing and kind throughout the visit. I highly recommend them."


"This kids dentist is amazing! They are so kind and made my son who was super timid due to a very bad experience feel so safe. I would recommend them to anyone!"

"I have been taking my son here for 6+ years. The staff is outstanding. Ashley is amazing. Great place to take your kids."

"We always love visiting Dental care for kids! The staff is so lovely and very funny and make my kiddos and myself feel comfortable and welcome in a natural way! No fake happiness here and that's what we like! Love the quality and attention to detail they provide. We have moved a couple times since moving back to Idaho and have stuck with this dental office even though it's out of our immediate area just because of how much we enjoy the environment and staff. Thanks everyone for being so great! Keep it up!"


"We have taken our kids to Dental Care for Kids for years and have ALWAYS received outstanding care. They are professional, kind, and patient."

"We had a great experience, the staff was inviting and friendly. All my concerns and questions were answered!"

"I absolutely love this place! I was so nervous to take my son to the dentist for the first time but the hygienists and dentist are amazing. They’re not forceful or scary. My toddler still acts up, but they are beyond professional and experienced. I think he’ll like the dentist when he’s old enough to understand what’s going on because these little positive experiences will add up and make him feel comfortable."

"My daughter was ten when we started going there now she's 18 they took great care of us I would highly recommend this place thank you for your services"

"Very kind and professional ❣️ Makes the kids feel safe in their care. Thank You🤗"

"This is hands down the best dental care my daughter has ever received!! Each and every staff member at this office are kind and thoughtful and caring!! I just wish we'd found them sooner!!"

"Staff and Dr. Coletti are very kind, gentle and patient. They make it feel like a family reunion and are genuinely happy to see you again! We love them!"

"Absolutely wonderful care! Highly recommend!"



"My kids love going to the dentist! All of the staff are friendly and helpful."

"Just incredible place with a great vibe for these kiddos. Made us feel so welcome and took care of my son wonderfully"

"They are such an amazing group of providers! I've never had such easy dental appointments with my three boys. They answer my questions with patience, and they always explain any recommendations to provide me the knowledge to make the best choices for my family. My sensory child also does fantastic here, and they're so calm and proactive in helping him!"

"The staff is so amazing and really cares about their patients. I felt at ease during my 5 year old’s surgery. Lovely recovery rooms also!!"

"Extremely short wait and hygienists and doctor are very patient with the kiddos. Highly recommend."

"Always helpful and always great with my kids. We had switched dentists awhile back due to insurance and ended up switching back."

"Great with kids!"

"It was a wonderful experience! My kids love going to Dental Care for Kids! The staff is all so friendly and informative. They got me in with my 3 boys quickly and did an excellent job of making my boys feel comfortable and meeting their needs. The hygienist and dentist also took opportunities to teach my kids about changes to make for their dental care which I think is great!"




"What a great experience for me and my son (5yrs old). I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is nervous to take their child to the dentist! He can't wait to go back and get another token!"


"Everyone was courteous, very respectful answered all of our questions. They work together like a well oiled machine."

"I have taken my children to Dental Care for Kids since they opened in 2007. The staff have always been kind and caring and it's been a joy to take my children to the same provider for so many years. Pre-Covid they had the best playroom for kids and hopefully it will re open someday."

"In and out in 29 minutes! We were seen on time, X-rays done, teeth cleaned, one on one with our dentist, and 4 sealants!!! Impressive and appreciated! We LOVE Dental Care For Kids! 3 out of 3 children never complain about going to the dentist. The entire staff is super friendly and they all genuinely care about their relationship with my kiddos."


"Please! Do yourself a favor and take your kids here!!!! Every single person who works here: from the front desk to the amazing dental hygienists to the doctors are incredible. They are kind, patient and willing to take the time needed to make going to the dentist fun and something to be excited about not afraid of! Thank you to the entire staff at Dental Care for Kids! You all are AMAZING!!!!"

"Please! Do yourself a favor and take your kids here!!!! Every single person who works here: from the front desk to the amazing dental hygienists to the doctors are incredible. They are kind, patient and willing to take the time needed to make going to the dentist fun and something to be excited about not afraid of! Thank you to the entire staff at Dental Care for Kids! You all are AMAZING!!!!"

"My kids love going to the dentist!!! Always a great experience at Dental Care for Kids!! :)"

"Kids have never had it so good. Friendly staff, great environment and the job gets done."

"The staff and doctors are always super friendly and helpful. My daughter was always worried about the dentist until we came here she felt almost excited to go."

"I took my grand son here and they are awesome! It takes a special calling for these dentists and workers to work on children. They are truly great at their jobs."

"My kids love this dental facility."

"Best place to take your child, everyone is friendly and very helpful patient and loving! I refer everyone here!"

"Dr. Whitt and staff are always on point! The boys always have a positive experience. Most caring and welcoming dental office in town."

"Hands down the best kid friendly dentist I have ever seen. Awesome beach, surf, skateboard, snowboard themes. Staff is amazing. All three of my girls are happy to go to the dentist. I wish they would accept adult patients because that’s where I would go for myself."

"We’ve been with Dental Care for Kids for about 13 years and my 3 boys have loved it. The staff are so sweet and friendly and the Drs have been so good with my kids, making visiting the dentist something they don’t have to dread going to! Highly recommend them as a pediatric dental office and appreciate all the years of awesome care!!"

"Very, friendly staff!! My kiddo enjoys going to the dentist, they let kids watch movies with headphones, if kiddos are nervous they detail it very simple and kindly to kids to make it less nervous."


"We love Dental Care for Kids! They are awesome and so accommodating! My kiddos love going there also which is a plus!"

"Super amazing and calm staff! My kids were quite rowdy and they were all very understanding and kind! 10/10 recommend Dental Care for Kids!"

"I have been going here since my son was 2. He’s 11 now and has 2 sisters as well. They all love going to the dentist!! The staff is awesome at making them all feel calm and relaxed. There is a TV for them to watch while getting their teeth cleaned and prizes after! I can’t say enough good thing about this wonderful place!!"

"My kids have been going to this practice for the last 14 years! Amazing team"

"What a great experience! From the decor and cleanliness to the staff and dentist, everyone was so kind and welcoming! I'd definitely recommend to my friends 😊"

"This was my daughter's first dental appointment. Our hygienist was phenomenal. She took the time to talk my daughter through the process and show her the tools. She was kind and reassured her. Staci and Dr. Whitt explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. We loved our experience here."



"I was so impressed with the staff and their patience with my little boys. Both my kids left happy and they are excited to go back!"

"i’m 24 years old and never want to leave. i’m scared of the dentist but tolerate dental care for kids. yikes."


"I can’t say enough good things about this office! I don’t personally like dentists and trusting my babies to one was so difficult for me! They took care of my kids like they were their own! They fixed all of their teeth with the least amount of pain and stress possible. My daughter had to get 5 cavities filled in two trips (she’s 4) and she woke up each morning ecstatic to go to the dentist. I’m not joking! My son needed to use the surgery center downstairs and I don’t think it could have gone better anywhere else. Dr. Whitt is wonderful! His staff is the best! I will be taking my kids here until they grow up!"

"The most amazing doctors and staff. They go far and beyond to provide the best care and service. They spend time to make kiddos comfy."

"My kids love this place...we always have a good experience here thanks for doing a good job"

"Staff is super friendly. Today was my daughter's first time at the dentist and she loved them! She'll be 2 in January I'm glad I chose Dental Care for Kids😊"

"I took my son in for his first ever dental appointment and I was blown away by their kindness and understanding with my son having Sensory issues. Dr.Brock and the whole staff were amazing!! They took their time to let my son warm up to them and we felt so welcomed. I highly recommend Dental Care for Kids! Thank you guys so much!"


"Dental Care For Kids did a great job! Kim took extra care to come and discuss everything concerned with my daughter's dental care. She was very thorough, thoughtful, professional and friendly."

"My son has sensory needs and some anxiety, but the staff at Dental Care for Kids were very kind and patient, and walked him through the whole process for sealants step by step. I really appreciate their efforts. The way they handled the situation set my son up for success! I can’t say enough good things :)"

"So good with my two year old!!"

"We go to Dental Care for kids in Meridian. They are not holistic but they never give me a hard time about not wanting Fluoride treatments. Also they play Disney during the procedures and they don't roll there eyes 👀 when I ask them to turn off my kids screen. They also sell toothpaste with & without fluoride. Please tell them I sent you."

"Can't thank these guys enough for all they do. We had a dental emergency with our 6 year old and an abscess tooth and they didn't hesitate at all to get her taken care of. With everything going on in our world right now with Covid-19 we appreciate that they were there and did everything they could for her without hesitation. We highly recommend Dental Care for Kids in Meridian!!!"

"Always amazing with our crazy kids when we there! We have twins who are 3 so it's a little more hectic for us but they are so well adapting to all types of families & so very informative! Thank you guys!"

"Always friendly and knowledgeable!"

"The staff is great! They really care about the kids, they are so friendly! The facility is always clean and up to date!!"

"Such a fun environment!! Most of the waiting room is the play room for kids! It’s so cool! And the receptionist is super nice and friendly! And the dental hygienist we had was super sweet! My 3 year old son loved her! The only thing was that he gave the dentist a bit of hard time. Nothing about the doctor was wrong. My son is just not too comfortable with men who isn’t his dad. But the dentist was super nice about it! Made us feel not so bad our son was screaming and not letting him look in his mouth. Said it happens with a lot of younger kiddos! Our whole experience was just the absolute best! Definitely recommend this dentistry!"

"we changed to this dentist from Smiles 4 Kids and our daughter couldn't be happier! she gets one on one attention and they explain everything. we are very happy with our switch to dental care for kids and would recommend them to anyone with kids!"

"Everyone at Dental Care For Kids is extremely polite and helpful. The visits are in depth and detailed, when I leave I feel great about my child’s dental health and general concern."

"So friendly and welcoming and my daughter LOVED the fun environment"

"Great dental office. The staff are really friendly and helpful."



"Clean and fun office, staff is professional and friendly. My kids loved it and we were seen quickly!"


"Wow! This was the most positive experience I have ever had in a doctor's office for my kids. From the minute we walked in until our checkout, all of the employees were very friendly, kind, and efficient. Everything is made to be as kid-friendly as possible--from the play area, the TVs on the ceiling while in the dental chair, the prizes the kids get at the end, and more. I usually dread going to any doctor with my kids, but I am looking forward to our next visit to Dental Care for Kids!"



"Super friendly, got us in even though we didn’t have an appointment. Girls are very professional! Also, my kid always loves to see the fish... today we saw a new addition of Mandarinfish 😀🐠 Thank you so much"

"Great staff, the doctor was very accommodating and respectful to our beliefs. Thank you"

"Amazing staff. Very clean. Fun and comfortable for kids and parents"

"Everyone there is so patient with my toddler (who is terrified of the dentist) and they make him feel comfortable and happy. The dentist is so great and really explains things."

"Best children's dentist ever! Everyone is so professional, courteous and kind. Our appointments are always very seamless."

"All of the staff is great and the facility is wonderful… My seven-year-old can’t wait to go back to the dentist!!"

"We absolutely love Dental Care for Kids. They create such a fun and comforting atmosphere for kids. One of our kids is on the spectrum and they continue to create a place of safety and comfort for our child!"


"Got us in for an emergency visit. Were very nice and made the three year old at ease. Will definitely be coming back and making this place her regular dental location."

"I love these guys and so do my kids. All 6 of them love to go to the dentist. Dental Care For Kids have been taking excellent care of all of their teeth and I am very glad to have found them."


"Everyone is absolutely wonderful! Of course Staci is our favorite 🙂 highly recommend 👍🏼👍🏼"

"I am very HAPPY & SATISFIED with everything from the moment I walked in, to the time I walked out..They were great with my 3 year old daughter. We had seen a another dentists office who had her terrified of dentists on her first visit and then proceeded to put her care last priority.I am GRATEFUL for Dr Joel Whitt and everyone I met yesterday! They made my daughter, myself and grandpa feel welcome as well. We are going to hopefully be able to save her front teeth.Surgery is scheduled. Thank you to the AMAZING people who work here for making saving my daughters teeth a priority! I Love this office, they truly care about their patients!"



"Excellent staff. Very excellent with children. Dr. Collecti is awesome."






"Very friendly staff, warm environment and fun atmosphere and decor perfect for kids! We are new so I'm hoping im right but so far im very impressed!"



"He has been going here several years. They always check to see if you have questions before the appointment and check in afterwards. Really appreciate the care even as the kids turn into teens. Kim is the best!"

"They are always caring and patient with my kiddos, even when they aren’t cooperating. Would recommend to anyone!! Thank you for always going above and beyond!"

"Thank you for always treating my daughters like they are your number 1 Patient. We enjoy dental Visits now. The easy of check in, kids room for the children to play and the staff make our visits easier. Thank you for every thing."

"We love coming here. Who thought going to the dentist would be so fun. My 11 year old boy loves his dentist and the ladies in the office, and the fish tank. ♥️"

"We've had such a great experience with Dental Care for kids! The kids feel so comfortable!"

"Dr. Coletti aka, Dr. Brock is so awesome. My kids love him. The assistants we have worked with are so kind to the kids and make them feel so calm. My daughter was having a procedure done that would have gone faster with another set of hands, so someone rushed over to help out. Also, they work so quickly our most recent appointment was for 10:30 and both my kids were done by 11:00!"

"My 3 y/o went for a teeth cleaning earlier today and had a great time. They really know how to work with a squirmy patient."




"I love bringing my daughter here. The environment is so kid friendly. We started coming here when she was 1 and every visit has been a positive experience. They do a great job making sure she feels comfortable and not scared."

"Been going here for many years and still love it!!! The staff is wonderful and very helpful! Don’t take your kids anywhere else!!!"


"My 2 year old had her first dental appointment today and they treated her amazing and she didn't cry, loved the experience."

"Very patient and all staff works well with my kids. They have them leaving the office laughing."

"Best office ever! Kim and the rest of the team are so great with my kids! My daughter no longer fears going to the dentist. Thank you!"

"I travel way out of my way because this is the best dentist for kids in the valley. My kids used to be scared but at Dental Care for Kids they’re so relaxed. The atmosphere, waiting room, staff and movies make it fun, I appreciate that visits are efficient, informative, and fun, and I trust them to take the best care of my kids."



"My 3 children were done in 30 minutes with their check ups. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My kids enjoy the play area and reward after. I highly recommend this office. We've been going there for 12 years now."

"Jen was amazing and Nicole was way amazing and Kim was amazing"


"Awesome place for kids. They made my daughter actually excited about going back."

"Love this place, my kids do too. The staff is extremely friendly and work well with the kids."

"Such wonderful patient and caring staff. We have been going for 1.5 yrs and have always had a wonderful experience with all 4 of my kiddos. Could not recommend them more!"

"Our two year old hit his mouth when falling off his bike, after calling multiple dentists over the weekend as our dentist is currently closed for the week, Dental Care for Kids called us back within hours of our message and got us in the next day! They gave us their opinion but left the ultimate decision for us to make. After having to extract my son's tooth they made him comfortable and even had him smiling when he left the office! We appreciate their quick response, and their ability to make kids feel so comfortable!"


"Office staff is super friendly and makes going to the dentist a fun experience for little ones! I would highly recommend them to everyone!"

"Dr. Witt and his entire staff are amazing!"



"Dr. Whitt is wonderful with all three of my kids (11, 8, 3 years). The hygienists/assistants are always so kind, patient, and make the cleanings fun for kids. We drive 45 minutes to his office because he is worth it! We have had exams, fillings, teeth pulled, etcetera... and every time I walk away amazed at how great the appointment went. I highly recommended dental care for kids and Dr. Whitt."

"Dr. Whitt and his staff are the best! I have two children with major medical complications. Dr. Whitt has been so gentle and kind with my son who was adopted internationally and had a background of trauma. My sweet son was terrified at first, and now is so excited about going to the dentist. My other son is autistic and nonverbal. Dr. Whitt just spent 20 minutes gently playing with him to see his mouth. His office staff scheduled us first thing in the morning because he has an immune disorder (limiting his exposure) and did everything possible to accommodate us. My son’s aide was with us to help and on the way out she said, “WOW. He is so nice.” We couldn’t ask for a kinder, more accommodating dentist."

"The staff is friendly and knowledgeable! We had a great experience. The office has a room just for the kids to play and watch movies."

"Always a great experience. Staff is very friendly which is needed especially when working with kids."

"From the front office staff that greets you to the assistants, to Dr. Whitt, this is the most pleasant dental environment to have your children in and treated by people that genuinely care about them!"






"Staff is very caring and patient. Doctors put kids at ease and make it a fun experience. My kids actually enjoy going to the dentist. Wonderful experience every time."

"Sooooo good with anxious kids!!!! Patient, kind, and optimistic! Highly recommend!"

"My 9 year old daughter has always been so scared and has extreme anxiety for her dentist appointments. (Due to a previous Dentist) Dental Care For Kids provides excellent care and goes above normal standards to calm her down and ease her into her visit every time. Thank you All ❤️"

"Everyone always goes above and beyond for my kids!"



"We’ve been going here for years and I couldn’t imagine taking my kids anywhere else. They are always very kind and patient with us and we love the atmosphere."

"Both of my kiddos had their first trip to the Dentist today and they had a blast. My son told me in the parking lot that he wishes that he could stay there all day. Dr. Brock and his team are amazing. Thank you for making the trip so fun!"





"We've had nothing but amazing experiences here!! Have been bringing our kids here for over 8 years, and have recieved only the best of care!! The environment is amazing and puts my kids at ease. Thank you Dental Care for Kids!!💕🦷😁"

"The staff is really nice and helpful."

"My girls love their dentist appointments because of how kind and gentle the dentists and hygienists are here. It also helps that they have a great playroom, multiple aquariums, and movies in the ceiling."

"My daughter was scared to try a new dentist. as she has had the same one since she was a baby. They made her feel very comfortable. It was a great visit. she really liked them alot."

"My kids are 12, 12, and 17 now and we've been going there for about 11 years. One of my twins is autistic and mostly nonverbal. They will clean and examine his teeth while he's standing, if that's what he's comfortable with. They are so patient, friendly and just awesome."


"We have gone to dental care for kids for years. They just got a new dentist and our kids liked him. The hygienists are great too very patient and good with kids. The facility is awesome and our kids always look forward to going. Only negative thing is that some of the office gals are catty. While waiting you get to hear quite a bit of gossip and wonder what they will have to say about you and your child after you leave. Guess this is an issue almost everywhere however, most places are a bit more discrete about it. Overall a great place and would reccomend for others with kids."

"The staff was very friendly, My daughter was very nervous about going to a new dentist. She was very comfortable with the staff, and very happy."

"We had the BEST first experience at Dental Care for Kids yesterday! It was my 2.5 yr olds first time ever at the dentist. My 4.5 yr old has dental anxiety after a couple of bad experiences at two other pediatric dental offices in the area. It's been a struggle to get her to even just open her mouth so the dentist/hygenist could look inside, let alone do anything else. Yesterday, however, they were able to do so much. That was HUGE for her! Everyone was so kind and friendly and it was the most child friendly office we've been to yet. We saw Dr.Coletti and he was great, as was the lady who cleaned their teeth! My kids are already asking to go back. I highly recommend this office! We are so excited to have found a great pediatric dentist!"

"Best place for kids. Got us in and out in 30 min for all 3 of my kids."

"My seven year old had such a great experience with his first cavity. The care and professionalism by all staff members really set the stage on how kids should be treated and we are so pleased to say we will continue bringing our kids to Dental Care For Kids. Thank you for putting this mom at ease and making this experience one that my son will remember as a good experience... not bad one or scary."



"We have been taking our girls here for a few years and everyone here is absolutely amazing!"

"I had my 1 year old seen today for her first visit, Erica and Dr Whitt were amazing! My daughter enjoyed looking at the fish tank and I appreciated the time they took with her!"



"Hands down the best pediatric dental care. My five children are seen in under an hour. Dr. Whitt and his staff are fast and efficient yet I never feel rushed. We love this office."

"Professional staff and the dentist is especially great with youngsters. Highly recommended!"

"Absolutely love this place! They treat my kids with so much care and respect! Definitely recommend them!!!"





"They were professional, fast, prepared for an extra child, and maintained a charm that made you want to come back. You didn’t feel rushed, but comfortable being there. My kids love going to the dentist here!"

"My daughter has some anxiety and sensitivity issues when it comes to many things in life, dental work included. From start to finish, Dental Care for Kids was AMAZING!! They made her feel so comfortable and when she said she was nervous they walked her through it like it was nothing!! As a mom it was an extreme relief and an incredible experience for me & my daughter!!"


"Our kids enjoy going to their appointments. The atmosphere is fun & comfortable. The Doctor & staff are kind & knowledgeable. The best part is they don't roll their eyes when we refuse flouride. 😆"

"I am very picky when it comes to people treating my kiddos. Dr. Whitt is the BEST! I even tried going to a pediatric dentist closer to where I live, but he just didn’t compare to Dr. Whitt or his awesome staff. The other dentist wanted my 4 year old to be put under anesthesia for her crowns, Dr. Whitt and his staff was able to make her feel comfortable enough to do it in the office. She still gets excited to go back. I can’t thank them enough!"


"Dr. Whitt and his staff are exceptional! My little girl did so well at her first appointment. He answered any worries or concerns. They were so gentle , kind and attentive. They have a great kid waiting area to play before their appointment to ease any jitters. Highly recommend!"

"The staff are always super friendly and the kids love Dr. Whitt."


"Everyone is ALWAYS so friendly and acomidating. We have 8 children and visit every 6 months. From ‘door to chair’ ALL the staff are genuine and caring. We recommend this office to all families and plan on staying with this facility adding to the 4 years we’ve already been going."

"They are great with my kids."

"We love Dr. Whitt and staff. They are so friendly, always on time getting in and out of the office and very professional."

"Very awesome and Courteous staff, Dr. Burk is very knowledgable in what he does and very kind. They make sure the kids are comfortable and safe. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good pediatric dentist!!"



"Staff and dentists are great!! My kids actually love going. Thank you!!"

"These guys are the best!! They are so amazing with my daughter with special needs and they always take their time and reassure reassure reassure her and do their best to make her comfortable. We’ve been with dr Whitt for 15 years now and will always recommend this office"

"It’s pretty unheard of for kids to enjoy going to the dentist but mine do!! The Dr. Burke and his staff are fantastic."

"They are always friendly and put my kids at ease. They saw all of the kids at once, and we were in and out in half an hour. We love Dental Care For Kids!"

"Have been coming here for at least 5-6 years and the staff is absolutely amazing! My kids actually love coming to the dentist!"


"Staci was very helpful and considerate of my child. She made sure he was comfortable and felt safe during the entire appointment. Thank you!"

"My son is an anxious and fearful child. The staff and Dr. Whitt worked with him and made him feel comfortable. He never felt rushed or pressured. He won't mind going back and this is HUGE for him!"

"BEST Dentist around. The staff is AMAZING. My son is a very anxious child. He is VERY fearful and dentists around were saying they couldn't help him. This place worked with him and didn't make him feel pressured. My son did so well and won't mind going back! That's HUGE for us."

"I've been taking my kids to dental care for kids for about 5 years now. I absolutely love them! My 4 boys look forward to their visits. The office is so cute and fun for the kids. The staff is all so good with kids of all ages especially the little ones with dental anxiety. I wont take my kids anywhere else!"


"My son required some extensive dental work. Because of his autism we were extremely apprehensive. All staff members put our mind at ease. They are very professional and caring, and what’s very important to us non-judgmental."

"This place was so amazing! I called and got an appointment the very next day for my son. Everyone there was so friendly and happy to be there. Would definitely recommend to my family and friends!"


"Absolutley amazing people! I am very thankful and blessed to have found them!"




"Best pediatric dental office in the Treasure Valley! Everyone goes above and beyond for the kids to be comfortable and happy. My three kids love Dr Whitt and his staff!"

"My children have went there since they were little. Great and professional care all the time the staff always made my children feel comfortable. Great experience wish they could see teen's..I would highly recommend Dental care for kid's..."

"I was very afraid of my autistic 8 year old son having a major meltdown during a tooth extraction. They did such an amazing job of distracting him and encouraging him that he didn't even realize what had happened. He told me afterward that his mouth "felt funny", but that was it. They were so amazing, and I highly recommend this office if you want your child to enjoy going to the dentist."


"The staff is amazing! I loved how they worked with my 2yr old daughter when we needed to fix a chipped tooth that was causing her some sensitivity. The whole environment is so inviting and fun. I wish going to the dentist was this fun for me."



"Always goes smoothly :D they answer questions and address concerns when they can and have suggestions for who to contact when they can't (like if it is something a pediatric doctor should address instead). My daughter loves it!1"

"Had our first appointment today and they were so good with my daughter! I highly recommend them!"

"They are great with my kids and make them comfortable."

"We love Dental Care for Kids. We have three kids, one of whom is autistic, and they are able to get them all in for a one hour appointment together. What a huge hassle these three appointments were to schedule at other places. Plus, our kids get excited to go to the dentist because they make it so much fun. It's been a great place for our gang!"

"Dr. Witt is the best. He has a great repoire with the kids and really makes the dentist a fun place to be and not scary. The whole office is decorated in a friendly way and just makes you happy. Not to mention the staff there is just amazing. You can tell they all enjoy what they do!"

"We absolutely love Dental Care For Kids. Both my 7 and 2yr old get excited to go to the dentist. If you’re looking for dentist office, give them a try you will not be disappointed."

"We absolutely love Dental Care For Kids! We've never a poor experience. Everyone is friendly and thorough. It's perfect for children."

"Dentists are so good with the kids! The office is set up specifically for kids!"

"Love this place! Super cool pirate themed kid area for them to play in while you wait. Super friendly and kind staff that are amazing with kids. Each dental room has a different theme that its decorated in... i.e bsu, starwars, finding Nemo, ect. Dr whitt is super knowledgeable and kind. Switched my kids to them after taking my youngest to dr whitt for a tongue and lip tie revsion. Love the office!"

"My kids always look forward to coming here. It is highly kid friendly. The staff are amazing and very kid friendly. The atmosphere is very kid friendly as well. I highly recommend this place to other parents."

"My kids and I love this place. The staff are so good with kids and are so patient and kind. I could not believe how smoothly fillings went today with my stubborn, anxious child. It was amazing!"

"The office is so fun and kid friendly. The staff are so patient with the kids, especially my stubborn kid. They make it a good and fun experience."


"Dental appointments for my child always go well. Never thought a kid would be excited about a check up and cleaning! The play area helps & reward for a good visit from the Dentist. My child has been their patient for almost 4 years. No cavities at yesterday's check up!"


"Dr. Whitt and the entire staff are amazing. My 3 year old is still a little hesitant and they work so well with her to help her relax and don't force her to do anything. My 8 year old actually enjoys going to the dentist. Great office for children!"

"The staff here are Amazing. They are always so great with my kids. I also appreciate that these guys stay on schedule. We are in and out quickly each visit."

"It was my daughter’s first ever visit to the dentist. The entire staff was awesome and made it so easy and painless even with a few problems with her teeth. She was really nervous and they made her so comfortable and the visit so easy. Won’t take her anywhere else."

"Best place ever! Been taking my son there since he was smaller now almost 13. Had to use the after hours number for the first time. The response was as quick, no message machine. Greet people! Can’t thank them enough."

"My son was terrified to go to the dentist because he thought it would hurt by the time we had to leave he didn’t want to go he wanted to stay. He can’t atop talking about the dentist and how he wants to go back. The people and staff are amazing. Thank you"

"We love it here. We are moving to Nampa but I will be making the drive to Meridian just because this is the only dentist I will be taking my kids to!"

"We have been patients of Dr Whitt for 8 years. My kids love him and are always excited to go to the dentist....seriously what kids look forward to the dentist?!?! My 10 year old daughter even gets sad if she doesn't have a cavity because she loves the bubble gum masks they use. They love the play area and the coin they get at the end to get a prize."


"Absolutely love this officw and the staff! They make all 4 of my kids feel soo good about going to the dentist!"

"They do a good job and no pain and they did not give me a shot.�"

"I’ve been taking my 4 year old here since his 1 year checkup. Soon will be taking my 14mo old. I love the staff and the environment is always inviting. We found out yesterday that my son has to be put under and get a few cavities taken care of, as a mom I felt like I failed. My son, up until recently has been a huge milk drinker and it’s now effecting his teeth. The dental assistant (can’t remember her name!) and Dr. Whitt were very nice and gave me assurance, mostly made me feel like I didn’t fail. If you want a place where you can take your child that every person working there will acknowledge and treat your child like their own and without judgement this is the place you want for your child. All the cute fish tanks resembling Nemo & Dory to the Pirate ship and play area are really cool and will keep your child entertained throughout!"

"Amazing people! My kiddo has anxiety and is afraid of needles. The staff were so understanding and kind. They helped him through and we got his cavalries filled finally. Thanks so much for being awesome!!"

"The dental assistants and dentists are all so very nice and made my daughter feel very comfortable and eased her worry."

"The staff is wonderful and so great at keeping the kids comfortable! I’ve been going since my twins were 15 months old and every experience has been great!"





"My youngest son had a pretty traumatic experience with a previous dental office and I tried this office off the recommendation of my oldest son’s orthodontist. I was worried at first but my youngest handled his appointment with ease and the staff made sure he knew what was going on at all times. He now LOVES going to the dentist and I love the staff. You can tell they love what they do. I highly recommend this office!"

"This is the best place for Pediatric Dental!! We love it here!"

"All the hygienists are fabulous and worked really well with my children. The office staff are all friendly and professional and the office is kid friendly."

"My kids love coming here! We have 4 little kids who come here and they have all had great experiences. My daughter thinks it's so fun to come to the dentist that she has been asking me for the last couple months when she gets to go back!"


"Been coming here for 2 1/2 years now with both our girls, the staff and workmanship here is excellent!"


"We've always had positive experiences with Dr. Whitt, but saw Dr. Burk this last visit. He also has the balance of professional and personable. All of my kiddos were happy, felt listened to and received excellent dental care. I would recommend them to everyone- their bedside manner is wonderful."



"We love Dental Care for Kids! The staff is great and the doctor's are amazing."

"All the staff seems great so far and they seem to have the most current technology making the experience much quicker and easier with children. My son loves going and asks to go to the dentist often."

"I have been taking my kids here ever since they have had teeth. I would never consider taking them anywhere else. I usually drive 30 minutes to get there and it is always worth it! The staff is amazing and so friendly!!!"


"Abby was absolutely amazing she showed me different ways to brush my daughters teeth. Both Abby and the dentist really were great with my daughter. What a fun and stress free environment! My only complaint is that they don’t take adults. I highly recommend!"

"I've been taking my oldest daughter to Dental Care for Kids for 3 years and yesterday took my 1 year old for the 1st time. The staff there is great. From checking in to walking out the door you are greeted with nothing but smiling faces. The waiting room is great for kids. The staff is all incredibly patient while working with tiny people who may not yet feel comfortable at the dentist. On our most recent visit we saw their new doctor, Dr. Burke, he was excellent!"

"I’ve been taking my 2 kids here for the last year and every experience is so pleasant. Friendly staff, caring and gentle dentist’s. My kids have endured their first fillings, numbing and extractions. And they are patient, kind and gentle, so I know they are in great hands. Makes an uncomfortable and scary situation a lot easier. I highly recommend them!!"

"My daughter cracked a molar in the evening and Dental care was able to check her most recent xray to determine it was a baby tooth. They had us come in at 8am the next day and popped it out. Easy peasy and pain free."


"This place is amazing... great with my kids and great with me... never any issue with this place..."


"I’ve never met a staff member that i didn’t like here! Everyone is great with the kids, and Dr. Whitt always takes extra time to explain things to me. Highly recommend!!!"

"My son has gone to dental care for kids for years now and has never had a bad experience!"

"My 4 year old enjoys coming to Dental Care. The staff is friendly and everyone makes us feel at ease!"

"They did awesome with my almost 2 year old daughter who is typically scared at most new places. The tech was great with her and the dentist didn’t push it. Great first trip - we’ll be back! Oh and she LOVED the fish!!!"


"My younger one was scared to death to open his mouth but then We met Amber, and now my little one loves going to the dentist and even though Amber isn’t always the one to help us the fear of the dentist is gone! Thank you Amber!!!"

"Excellent care and staff, my kids want to go to their next appointment!"

"Love the office. The staff are really friendly and the Doctors are great."

"Absolutely the best children's dentist... they've helped our kiddos so much and are very receptive to our concerns. Couldn't be happier."


"The service is outstanding. It's a bit of a drive for us, but well worth it. Doctor and staff are super with my kids, we're in and out with terrific dental care. Always a good experience! I'd highly recommend."




"I like Dr. Whitt! He's a nice dentist!"

"Love the place. Dr. Whitt and his staffs are awesome."

"Dr. Whitt and his staff have been taking care of my 3 boys for over 10 years now! They are fabulous from the front door in to the front door out. We have found our Dental home."


"I absolutely LOVE Dental Care For Kids! The staff is so friendly and Dr. Whitt is the best! He's one of the nicest guys out there! I will be taking all of my children to their office for sure!"

"This is one of the BEST pediatric dental offices in the Valley! Dr. Whitt and his staff are so knowledgeable and friendly! They always make you feel comfortable and at home. We refer most every kiddo who comes into our office to theirs! You won't regret going to Dental Care For Kids, especially if your kiddo is into ocean life or pirates! Their office decor is so fun and their location is awesome! As a dental professional, we take what patients say about their experiences to heart and we haven't heard one bad thing coming from Dental Care For Kids' patients! TEN stars to them (if we could)."


"Great staff and awesome experience. I appreciate the atmosphere that is created for my children."

"Friendly staff and great facility"

"Dr. Whitt and Staci did an awesome job with my sons frenectomy procedure! Laura also does a fantastic job submitting pre authorizations to insurance. Thank you :)"

"I have been taking my kids here since they first got their teeth. The staff are great with my kids! Highly recommended them."



"Absolutely love this place!! Always very sweet and understanding to my kiddos. Appreciate their knowledge and kindness."


"I love when people who obviously know their profession, are willing and able to explain it all in plain English!!!"

"Dr. Whitt is awesome and the staff if very friendly!"


"My son LOVES going to the dentist! The atmosphere is so kid friendly and the staff are personable and professional! Very welcoming and fun, I wish I had this dentist's office when I was a kid!"

"I love this dental office, they are all great with kiddos I have taken all 3 of my boys there."

"My kids and I are very happy with this dental office. I highly recommend them. We drive from Nampa because it is very important to me to take them to a dentist I trust."

"Always amazing with all six of my kids and during my sons tooth extraction they were able to keep him calm and didn't pressure him into being ready. I definitely recommend this place. The staff make it a fun experience every time."

"Our children love going to Dental Care for Kids. The staff is always kind and accommodating. The office is very kid friendly. Dr. Whitt is very patient and will to address any concerns or questions you have. Thank you Dental Care for Kids for making our kids dental experience pleasurable."

"I've been taking my kids here for a couple years now. They've always been so amazing to them. I highly recommend them to anyone! Very kid friendly and caring"

"Always a wonderful experiences with them! They always make my girls so comfortable."




"They are amazing and there staff is super friendly !!! I am very pleased with them wish they would take Medicaid for children over 6 yrs old because they were great!!!!"

"I'm a dental specialist with a lot of choices where to take my kids. They see Dr Whitt and love him."



"Dr. Whitt and his hygienists are all wonderful and thoughtful, they always go above and beyond for us. My children love coming here, so do I being a very busy single mom of 6 it's truly Amazing to get them all finished in a little over an hour!! Absolutely Love Dental Care For Kids<3"

"I love taking all my kids to the office, the wait time is short, the office is clean, the have a great play area for kids, awesome fishs to look at that the kids to look at, the staff is so friendly and great at explaining what is going on if there is a concern. My girls love it. Ive recommend dental care for kids to my friends and family and they all love it as much as i do."

"They have some very phenomenal people that work there. They are so very patient with the kids and they listen to them as well as the parents. Would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing a kid's dentist."

"Great place!!! My daughter loved it great experience for a 4yr old!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KID FRIENDLY!!!!"

"Amazing staff and excellent care!! So glad we came here!"

"It was a great experience for my daughter. She has some developmental & speech delays and its hard to find "the right fit" for her needs. She always asks tons of questions & is very inquisitive about the things they're using in her mouth, (or whatever is happeneing at the time.) We needed a dentist as well as a staff, with a lot of patience to help her understand what's going on. They were incredible with her!! 👏🏼👏🏼 Everything went smoothly. It was short & to the point. Explaining everything to me as they worked. When it was time to leave she was upset because wanted to stay longer. She's already excited to go back. THANKS A MILLION!!!"

"The kids always loving going to the Dentist! Everyone is so friendly!"

"Best dentist ever!!! Caring and gentle staff. Always on time with our appointments."

"I was really worried about taking my son who is 2 to the dentist because he mortified of people brushing his teeth, but with the dental hygienists and the Dr. Whitt, he let them do what they needed to and they reassured us that any negative reaction is.very normal. I was just thoughoughly impressed how smooth of a process it was, and my son left happy."

"My daughter was nervous about getting her teeth pulled. Ashley was so gentle with her and made her feel comfortable. My daughter left still feeling good about the dentist. Awesome staff ;)"

"We love Dr. Whitt and all his assistants! They can get the whole family in and out pretty quickly!"

"My daughter is terrified of going to the dentist and the staff here have been very helpful and patient with her. My son loves going here and always leaves happy:)"


"Absolutely love everything about Dental Care For Kids! Highly recommend for kids!"

"Friendliest staff ever!"


"I have always been happy with the care and understanding my children have received from the dentist and staff at Dental care for kids!"

"This office is full of friendly staff. I love how they want the kids to have a positive experience and never force the kids to do anything. Both the doctors are amazing and so kid friendly. I will never go anywhere else."

"Good o"

"We have had a wonderful experience with the staff at Dental Care for Kids! They are very kind and reassuring to my nervous child and very responsive to our needs! The atmosphere is so inviting to the kids and makes them feel more at ease!"



"Dr. Whitt and staff are great! They always take the time to explain any issues and offer suggestions on corrections needed."

"Incredible environment--my kids look forward to it!"

"Hay un excelente personal te tratan con mucho respeto. El doctor lewis es excelente, amable y sobre todo muy pasiente"

"The atmosphere at this office is amazing. The staff is friendly and very gentle and understanding. ♡♡♡"

"Wow! We have had trouble with dentists and our kids and some traumatic feelings getting in the chair. Last week my 7-year-old daughter needed sealants and my 4-year old a filling. Both had major anxiety. Wow! Staci and Ashley were absolutely AMAZING. I have never seen more patient and happy and personal dental assistants. They were absolutely incredible. They knew just what to say to build trust with my kids and slowly help them relax. They kept me informed. They were astounding! I don't care how far I have to drive, this is the place for us."


"We've been bringing our boys to Dr. Whitt for the past 5 years and have ALWAYS had the best experiences. Our boys LOVE going to get their teeth cleaned every six months!"

"This is a fantastic dentist office for kids! The staff are very friendly and great with kids. My daughter had such a positive experience. I'm so grateful to have found them."


"My kids love this place and they are always so helpful. Have no problem getting my kids in when they need it. Love the staff!!!"

"Great place, super good with the kiddos and friendly staff. Clean, quick, awesome location, my boy absolutely loved it and wants to go back sooner then the 6month check up �"

"Both of my girls (5 and 2) have been coming here for their dental care. I've never seen anything like it. They are soft and patient. Their calm demeanor helps keep my kids calm as well. My girls love the dentist which is great because I remember how much I hated the dentist when I was young."


"My kids ❤️️this place!! They actually ask me when do we get to go back to the dentist!!"


"The best decision I have made so far is bringing my kids to the dentist office. I absolutely love how they are with the kids everyone is so nice and understanding and very patient. if you have kids you have to have, it's a must. And she doesn't fear the dentist office she actually love going. I remember when i was a kid the doctor and its nurses were always mean and frustrated. I'm so happy that I found them"

"Okay, so today was my almost 2 year Olds first dentist appointment and I couldn't be more pleased with how it went! The staff was very welcoming, the play room was AWESOME! We were taken back fairly quick and they allowed my son to bring a toy back with him. They gave my son a tooth brush to take home right as he sat down, so he was pretty entertained! The best part was how comfortable they made him feel, he was able to sit on my lap and lay back onto Dr. Lewis' lap for his exam, they didn't force or rush things. After he got a gold coin to pick a prize! We will definitely be going back in 6 months!"



"After a bad experience my daughter was so terrified of the dentist! Not after we started going to dental care for kids! She is excited and they walk her through the whole process, while keeping me updated!"

"My kids love dental care for kids the Dr and staff are amazing with my kids the staff that's on call on weekends did such an amazing job with my daughter i highly recommend anyone with kids to take your kids here"


"We just love Dr. Whitt. He takes such good care of the kids and make going to the dentist fun."



"Absolutely the BEST staff ever. Caring and thoughtful. My kids love it so much there and can't wait until their next appointment!!"

"Dental Care for Kids is AWESOME!!! My daughter actually enjoyed going to the dentist. The staff is very friendly and professional. Highly recommend Dental Care for Kids."


"Absolutely amazing staff. Everyone is friendly and Dr. Lewis is fast and efficient. My son gets excited to go to the dentist. We are so happy to be apart of Dental Care For Kids, I would not take my son anywhere else. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do."

"Dr. Whitt and his staff are amazing with my kids."

"I love everyone at dental care, they are able to see all four kids at the same time :) and best of all my kids looking forward to visiting the dentist :)"

"Wonderful experience! My two year old fell and broke a tooth and it needed extracted. The care we were provided was so great! Dr. Lewis and the rest of the staff were so kind and efficient."

"Been taking my two kids there for years and love it. They understand that certain kids are a little more scared and the techniques they do to lessen the childs fear is wonderful. I couldn't believe they were even able to get into my child's mouth. They also teach the kids about brushing as well while they hold up a mirror and point to areas they should focus on more. They have always been gentle. I have never met a staff member I didn't like. Ha ha.. just noticed that the picture of my kids that shows up on here is a picture of my oldest when he lost his first tooth!! Perfect picture for here"

"We've gone here for years & won't ever leave! Their staff if amazing, friendly, & skilled. We've had to use their emergency services twice & I was impressed each time by their effiency & ability to put my kids at ease. Best place EVER!"

"Dr Whitt and his staff make a great team. My son loves going to the dentist. Everyone is friendly and there is an overall pleasant atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone looking for a dentist for their kids!"

"Best place ever. My kids love it. They are so nice and have an amazing staff. Wint go anywhere else with my kids."

"Love love love this dental office there are such friendly people an know how to keep my kiddos happy!"


"Love this place! Always in and out quickly, the staff is great and the kids love it. The play area is great for while we wait and I just couldn't be happier. Glad to have found them years ago!"

"I feel Dental Care for Kids provides premium care and premium products for my kids. It's also friendly, clean, organized and a happy place where my kids have a good experience every time they come."


"Love working with these people! Our patients are the BEST!"

"Dr. Whitt has been my boys' dentist for since they were about 2 years old... They are now 12 and 13! He and the staff provide excellent dental care and are so patient, especially now that they have my 2 year old daughter! Thank you all! :)"

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