Meet the Team

image of the doctor Ashley


Dental Assistant

Ashley became the sunshine in DCFK in 2016. She brings a sweetness to the office that is only rivaled by the treats she creates to get the staff through most weeks. Ashley is all about anything holiday and is the driving force to most dress up days at the office. If your child has had Ashley in treatment, they have experienced the magic of a Disney Princess, making most things possible or at least a little more do-able. Dental Assisting fits so well with her helpful and sunny personality. Ashley assists some of our surgery cases as well. She is another one of the staff that can be found singing and even dancing when the right song comes along.  When Ashley is not at work, she and her husband Blair are chasing their young daughter helping her to become an amazing human. She is also one that is game for pretty much any adventure you throw at her. Wheather she is participating or cheering from the sideline, Ashley is equally a fierce friend and competitor.
image of the doctor Amber



Amber joined the DCFK team in 2014. She is our hygienist, cheerleader and all-around fun creator. Amber has been in the dental field since 2000, so along with her amazing personality she brings a wealth of knowledge and loves educating in any area possible. If you hear someone singing or see them “striking a pose” there is a good possibility it is her! She spends her days running between rooms educating, scaling, numbing and filling all the needs our busy schedule throws her way. When she is not at work Amber can usually be found somewhere outside adventuring or hanging with her ever growing kids. Backpacking, snowshoeing, watching her kids in their sports and enjoying her beautiful sanctuary of a yard are at the top of her list of favorites. (Spoiler alert, this cutie is about to become a GRANDMA, new adventures on the horizon for sure!)
image of the doctor Becki


Dental Assistant

Becki has been part of our DCFK family since 2014! Her years of experience in the dental field is only beat by Dr. Whitt at Dental Care for Kids. Becki’s knowledge is coupled with her straight forward approach making her such a valuable dental assistant. She is able to convince even the most nervous patient that they are capable of doing hard things. It is so fun to see our patients become confident and successful in her chair. Becki is another staff member that we get the pleasure of sampling all kinds of culinary delights from.  When Becki is not at work, she enjoys being creative, conquering the hardest of puzzles, making the neighbors envious of her flowers and exploring new restaurants and venues. She enjoys the outdoors camping with her husband and two children and has taken up hiking and snowshoeing the past few years. She pushes herself with health goals and has even taken to the fun run scene.
image of the doctor Christina


Office Manager

Christina joined DCFK in 2008. She and Dr. Whitt met while she taught his son in second grade. (Said son is now in college studying to be a dentist!) After talking more with Christina, Dr. Whitt thought the connection with kids and parents would be a good fit for his new dental practice. The rest is history. Christina started marketing, moved into Public Relations Coordinator and now is the Office Manager, or most days Office Mom. She enjoys the relationships this job allows her to make with staff and patients. Her desire is always to make people feel heard and cared for. When not at work she loves spending time doing almost anything with her husband. Being empty nesters they mountain bike, ski, raft, hike, travel and play a ton of games. She feels blessed every day because a stroke at the age of 29 was supposed to leave her life void of most activities. To say she has a different perspective on life is an understatement. She lights up at the mention of her two adult children that are now creating lives of their own and cherishes any time she gets with them.
image of the doctor Erica


Dental Assistant

Erica has been with DCFK since the BEGINNING! In 2007 she started her journey with us as the FIRST Dental Assistant! She has seen and been a part of it all. Erica started at Dental Care for Kids assisting, moved to the front and is now assisting again. She shines making connections with both her patients and their parents. She has a raw genuine quality that makes you feel seen. There is nothing better than hearing Erica’s laugh as she sees and feels true joy. Erica helps make each of her patients feel like they are the most important person in the office allowing them to feel comfortable and confident. Outside of work Erica enjoys the great outdoors with friends and family. She is game for just about anything. Running, boating, fishing this girl does it all. But her passion is defiantly her husband, Tavis, and their two beautiful daughters. This season of life has brought softball galore as the girls are phenomenal players and Tavis has proven to be quite the coach. She is the supportive team mom and can usually be found pacing the sidelines.
image of the doctor Jasmin


Billing Specialist

Jasmin has been with DCFK since 2015. She is a Dental Assistant turned Billing Specialist. It has been so helpful having a clinical staff in the business office to be able to see both sides of the insurance claim or bill. She brings so much knowledge and perspective for our patients when explaining EOBs (explanation of benefits) bills or claims. Jasmin approaches each day with a “can-do” attitude and offers our patients a lot of empathy while helping them maximize their dental benefits. She is also one of our amazing verifiers! Before each appointment she will verify insurance and check frequencies allowing us to communicate more accurately options and out of pocket portions. With last minute changes in schedule and insurance this is literally a “laundry job” and is never done. She is a HUGE benefit to our patients! When Jasmin is not working, she is spending time with family, hitting the gym and chasing her three children. She is very intentional with her kids, creating lasting memories for them. Jasmin is not afraid to tackle any project. She is handy and has tackled many home remodel projects. She is also the only staff member that can say she works with her mom!
image of the doctor Jen


Dental Assistant

Jen joined the DCFK team in 2014. She is another one of our Assistants that has earned “Princess” status with her sweet demeaner and bouncy/bubbly personality. She has a way of helping your child get through appointments that they didn’t think they could. Jen also has a knack for relating to parents and putting them at ease while discussing their child’s treatment needs or options. She has the ability to soften those hard conversations that are sometimes needed in the dental field. Besides working at Dental Care for Kids Jen keeps busy spending time with her husband and three growing kids. She enjoys time with extended family and is beyond creative. Jen has spent lots of hours helping create some of our amazing Halloween decorations and always surprises us with the amount of talent she has. While we joke, she should start a business, we are secretly happy she hasn’t because the void she would leave would be too vast.
image of the doctor Jordyn


Dental Assistant

Jordyn graduated from being a patient of Dental Care for Kids to a dental assistant in 2022. We have LITERALLY watched her grow up. It has been so fun to see Jordyn grow in her confidence and skills during her short time here. She can relate to our patients in a way that no other staff member can. Jordyn brings a freshness to each day with her sweet smile and peaceful demeaner. She has been an excellent fit right from the beginning, making it seem like she has been on staff forever! When not on the clock Jordyn enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, family and friends. She visits extended family in Riggins as often as she possibly can. Jordyn enjoys traveling, playing games, fishing, paddleboarding and all other kinds of outdoor adventures.
image of the doctor Kenzie



Kenzie became part of our Dental Care for Kids family in 2021. She is one of the friendly faces that help you upon check out. Kenzie’s calm, quiet personality fits well when giving you treatment estimates and navigating our busy schedule to find the appointment that fits best with your schedule. Kenzie spends her day bouncing between many unseen tasks that allow DCFK to run efficiently. Her attention to detail helps as she works with your insurance to get procedures preauthorized and covered for you. After work hours Kenzie enjoys time with family and friends. She is a killer cook and likes to experiment with new recipes. On the adventurous side, Kenzie likes camping, biking, traveling to new beaches and working out at the gym. She will hold the title of our newest NEWLYWED in 2023!
image of the doctor Kim


Dental Assistant

Kim started subbing for us in 2013. She was our go-to for years before we were able to convince her to join Dental Care for Kids full time. Kim has an amazing way of making connections with anyone she comes into contact with. This is a superpower when it comes to dental assisting because both patient and parents feel valued and cared for. She communicates dental needs in a kind and compassionate way. Kim has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, hopping to make sure team members have what they need to be successful throughout the day, she also keeps us organized and makes sure birthdays and special occasions are celebrated. Kim can be found on the side of the Rugby Field supporting her husband and children most weekends. She has been an avid runner, even competing in the Boston Marathon! Kim has taken up hiking and snowshoeing the past few years. Her spare time is filled with her growing family creating memories on trips, weddings and now being a GRANDMA!
image of the doctor Laura


Billing and Insurance Supervisor

Laura came to Dental Care for Kids in 2010. She is a vital part of our team yet seldom seen by our patients. We jokingly keep her in “the dungeon”. She is our Billing and Insurance Supervisor. Laura’s days are filled with verifying eligibility and frequencies of your insurance benefits, billing and then will fight with countless appeals to make sure your insurance pays their portion. She has been known to keep on an insurance for $4.20 until they paid!! She is a master at understanding and explaining your EOBs (explanation of benefits), plans and contracts. While she is great at communicating the numbers, she also is one of our staff that translates for our Spanish speaking patients! When not at work Laura’s five children keep her hopping!  She excitingly joined the “Grandma Club” this past year. Laura is an avid reader and learner. She is always in the middle of a few books and has gone back to school a few times to gain more knowledge. To say she is well rounded is an understatement as two of her passions are aesthetics and medical billing.
image of the doctor Nichole


Dental Assistant

Nichole has been around Dental Care for Kids forever and has been one of our floating Assistants, filling in when needed until 2019 when she joined with a more consistent schedule. Nichole the best utility player ever and has a hilarious sense of humor and energy that doesn’t stop! She keeps us on our toes with her wit and stories! She genuinely cares about each patient and wants their experience at DCFK to be one that they are excited to share with their friends and families. Nichole has a knack for underplaying her abilities…she is creative beyond measure, coming up with the best costumes and recipes! Don’t let her fool you, she is Martha Stewart and Betty Crocker in disguise. Outside of work Nichole is a busy mama with the cutest “mini-me” ever. She and her daughter love outdoor adventures and playing games. Nichole is an awesome softball player and is game for pretty much anything you throw at her. Her spirit of adventure has landed her on paddleboards, camping and at many concerts.
image of the doctor Patty



Patty came out of retirement to join our team in 2020. She has been an amazing addition to our front staff, she is the friendly face that greets you and makes sure all of your information is up to date and accurate. Patty has a calmness about her that puts our patients at ease as soon as they walk in the door. She genuinely cares about each patient and has amazing attention to detail, making our patients feel special. When not at work Patty enjoys adventures with her husband Joe, spending time with her grown children and grandchildren and being crafty and creative. She is very intentional while creating memories that will span generations including car shows, rodeo nights and cherry picking to name a few.
image of the doctor Staci


Lead Dental Assistant

Staci is one of the original Assistants dating back to 2008! She has been an intricate part of making Dental Care for Kids the amazing dental home it is today! Staci is now our Lead Assistant and keeps the office running smoothly. From ordering supplies, assisting surgeries, to setting the schedule there is pretty much nothing in the office she hasn’t done! She is the caring voice answering the after-hours phone, and is amazing with patients and parents alike. The way she is able to communicate is direct yet soft while working with your child, empowering them to be successful and responsible for their dental health. Staci’s true joy and value comes for her role as a mother. Wheather it is at a horse arena, track meet or a basketball court she is all in to let her daughter try and learn new things. While extremely humble, Staci lights up talking about her superstar. She loves to travel and is a fierce competitor in any game she plays. Staci is a loyal friend and family member and ironically is the glue to many outside relationships.
image of the doctor Taylor



Taylor has been part of the Dental Care for Kids family since 2021. She is another one of the friendly faces that help you coordinate schedules and treatment plans upon checkout. Taylor also helps with many of the behind the scene tasks that ensures your appointments go smoothly. She has fit in with the DCFK culture from the beginning and makes it feel like she has always been part of our “family”. When not at work Taylor has a very busy schedule as she is a dance coach, wife and dog mom extraordinaire. She and her husband love getting out in the mountains exploring. Taylor spends a great deal of time traveling with her dance team. They are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing person pouring into their young lives, not only teaching them to dance but how to navigate the roads of life. She is a wonderful example to them.
image of the doctor Vanessa


Dental Assistant

Vanessa is another one of the original Assistants dating back to 2008! She has vast dental knowledge and is amazing with our patients and their parents. Being one of the originals she has been a part of and seen it all! She has helped make Dental Care for Kids what it is today! Vanessa translates for our Spanish speaking patients, helping them feel welcome and understand their dental needs. She has assisted both chairside and in surgeries. When not at work Vanessa is very busy with her husband balancing their three children’s schedules. Between school activities, baseball and soccer they end up running as much as the kids are. She somehow finds time to jump into new adventures. Vanessa is always looking for new books, classes and podcasts to better herself, friends and family members. She not only shares what she learns but she lives it herself, being an example and true motivation. When they are able, they love to head to the mountains to camp and unwind.


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